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Conqueror 940 AD, a casual turn-based medieval town-builder where your decisions matter.

As an ousted prince you stumble upon empty land to build a kingdom from.

How you fare and what you do with your rising power is up to you.

Build, research, plan, do battle, and maybe even fall in love.

RPG Elements

Your skills as a king affect your kingdom. Build your town from the ground up.


You must hold court and make decisions for your kingdom.


Manage not only resources, but manpower as well, what has higher priorities?

Ambassador of Your Kingdom

Establish trade relations, alliances, and vassals with neighboring kingdoms or just conquer them.


Court and marry beautiful women from the land to build strong alliances. Will you choose a marriage for political reasons or desire?

Research Technology

Improve your kingdom’s well being, defensive capabilities, for trade, or for war.

Battle Master

Take part in tournaments, manage battle plans, and the tides of war

Stealth Missions

Issue covert spies and subterfuge against other kingdoms.

The Team

Combat Wombat Studios was created in 2016 as an independent gaming studio.
From small designs to big goals, we build games from the ground up.

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