June 8, 2020 Dev Blog

Things are going well and are on schedule for the September 2020 release. This is the first blog to update development but a lot of work has been done. This will be a weekly or biweekly blog. Here is where we are currently

Research art is nearly completed, the ladies courting is nearly completed and should be this week.

Dialogue for the courting is completed, as is the Trade, Building, Research, and Personal daily task options.

Many UI elements have been created and are slowly being added to the game. Once the main elements are complete we’ll start showing screen shots.

We have completed over 250 petitions to date. We’ll keep a running tally as we go along.

This week will see our crafting completed and work started on raids.

Thumb in the air progress status:

Development 55% complete

Art: 35% complete

Sound: 40% complete