July 23, 2020 Dev Blog

A lot of progress has happened this month. We are still on pace for our September 04 early access release.

What we knocked out:

  • The characters are all completed
  • Lots of UI elements
  • All the primary features in the game, this includes the tournaments, battles, raids, resource management, courting, subterfuge etc…
  • The town map and many of the buildings are completed
  • All the games icons
  • We have more than 850 petitions designed and over 100 baked into the dialogue system. The plan is to have around 1500 total petitions for the game release for a total of more than 10,000 lines of dialogue. Then a plan of 200-300 more per month of early access

What we are doing for the next 30 days

  • Alpha testing and moving into beta testing
  • The rest of the UI elements
  • Finish the Steam page and get to the Coming Soon spot
  • The rest of the buildings by the end of July

When will it leave early access? The plan is the end of December to have the final game released, although we may beat the Xmas rush depending on art. That is our bottle neck at the moment.

What do you get in early access? The complete game, you will be able to play through it and the multiple game endings. Development from September through December will be adding more depth to the existing features and changes based on player feedback.

Speaking of feedback, if you want to give some, hit up our discord channel https://discord.gg/rqy3Dyh