August 12, 2020 Dev Blog

We have been deep into Alpha testing the last two weeks. At this moment we are still on pace for our September 4th go live but final confirmation will be at the end of next week depending on how testing goes.

What we knocked out:

  • Wired up the building a research
  • Added all the icons into the game
  • completed main screen UI and implemented it into the game
  • Completed the Steam Store page
  • Completed all the planned petitioners
  • Implemented 400 petitions into the game
  • Many, many bugs
  • All building art and final town map is completed
  • A couple throne room backgrounds
  • two more tracks for the soundtrack
  • UI and game sounds completed

What we will continue to get ready for early access.

  • Various UI elements
  • Wire up the Settings
  • Rest of the troop art
  • Get approved for the Steam Store Page
  • Implement buildings into town map
  • More background art
  • Implement the sounds and sound track
  • World Map upgrade
  • End game
  • Introduction

Stretch Goals

  • Short cut keys
  • Rebinding short cuts
  • Troop animations
  • World animations
  • Expanded battle strategy
  • Animated world map
  • Specific story line
  • Multiple end games
  • Expanded tournament game play
  • Another 500 petitions
  • Run Reports
  • Dashboard UI update
  • Tutorial

What do you get in early access? The complete game, you will be able to play through it and the multiple game endings. Development from September through December will be adding more depth to the existing features and changes based on player feedback.