September 25, 2020 Dev Blog

Welcome to the end of September. The release date was set for the beginning of September but we realized we wanted to give more content with the initial early access release than initially planned. We added a few extras like raiding minigames, weddings, upgrades to the throne and petitioners, and multiple game endings.

October will bring more debugging and making sure there is as much polish as possible. This month we are adding player creation instead of initial single avatars, you can now select your avatars, banners, colors, and so on. This can be seen throughout the game.

Animations… the original release was going to be quite static but we are working hard to bring more life into the game with general atmospheric animations and troop animations. Our stretch goals are to add more ambient sound to the game.

The release date is a hard date of November 6th, 2020 so stay tuned for one more dev blog before the release then we will go into bug fixes and roadmap goals for our development blog.

It is exciting getting this close for our first game. Hope you all love it as much as we love building it!