February 3, 2021 Dev Blog

Thank you all for making our first discount run a success! We currently have a second discount of 25% off running in Steam’s Lunar New Year Sale, so please grab the game if you haven’t yet, or get it for a friend!

We are aware of a couple of rough reviews and bugs that popped up and with the help of our Bug Bounty Hunters, we’ve already squashed the big ones!  We already rolled out a patch on 2/9 with bug fixes and a minor content update. (More details are below.) 

To me, squishing bugs is more important than adding a bunch of new content. What that means is things are pushed down the roadmap while we focus on the breakages. We have a major update about 1/3 of the way through that will add a lot of fun things like pissed-off kingdoms attacking, defending against raids with bandit battles, expanded tournaments, and much more. However, those things come after some stability improvements.

What is included in the 2/9 patch?

One of the bigger issues people complained about is how long each turn takes. We have focused in on this and optimized the code to shorten the end turn timer and shaved a whopping 1.5 seconds per turn. Turn times should now be around 2 seconds instead of 3.5…. Yes, we timed it.

We fixed trade issues and we hooked back up completed research improving troop stats.  Research now does not affect how much trainers can train you. Recruiting troops of the same type was overwriting the troop amount rather than adding to it, so we fixed that. Trade with kingdoms with a negative relation now stops as it should.

Another common complaint we got is when fighting kingdoms a second time, they seem stronger than before. That was true… The kingdoms dynamically rebuild their power over time. However, we have rebalanced them to be more realistic in conjunction with how long it takes to rebuild your own arms.

While there are more things we took care of (you can see the full notes here: https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/1358260/view/3029203788401762718), here are some content adds that are in the 2/9 patch.

Some people do not like the raids, some people want more challenge. To solve both complaints, we have created three difficulty levels. We also know that when you put in all your effort to unlock a scene, you want to see it again and bask in all the hard work we put into the artwork. So we added a gallery where you can view all the scenes you have unlocked. Speaking of art, the game intro is now presented in the style of a snazzy motion comic.

We are updating our Skill UI panel and putting to use your bartering skill. It will soon affect prices depending on your skill level. We know that the throne rooms are bare with only an inkling of life, so we’re adding more. Put yourself on the throne. This is the start of a long line of adding life to the throne rooms. Maybe petitioners will soon be bowing to you in the near future… We shall see.

Stay tuned, Wombat Horde!