February 17 2021 Dev Blog

What have we been working on this week? The Bug Bounty Hunt ended Wednesday, and we got a lot of positive feedback from players letting us know about all the bugs buzzing around. (A big thanks to Crosszeallot and SirCrown!) The previous update and this most recent one cleaned up a lot of areas that needed polishing and correcting. This update brings a big rework in content and even more bug fixes.

For bug fixes, we removed a manpower exploit as well cleaned up a lot of little things like BTR descriptions, animation, graphical whoopsies, and some frame rate optimization.

For content, we’ve made some changes. We’ve updated how the game starts, where you name yourself, and how you pick the difficulty. We also added the ability to skip the intro if you would like or have already seen it.

The major update is a rework to the tournaments. Currently, there is a world tournament where the prizes are great but you need to be leveled up pretty high to win, so we have added different tiers of difficulty. There are now local, regional, and world levels. The prizes and competition quality reflect the size of the tournaments, but now tournaments can play a larger part in your world. To unlock tournaments, you need an Arena to host them and a Training Ground to train for it.

We are still working through some more animations for battle and doing some balancing. One piece of balance we are bringing this week is to the Town Halls. Since you need the population to grow quickly so you can raise an army as well as improve your gold income, we’ve boosted how much the population will increase with each town hall level. This should make raising armies faster.

One final thing you will see is the petitions are more dynamic. Oh, and the wooden walls have been rebuilt to be way cooler. We are also releasing our first wallpaper in a series we call Pretty Pretty Princess. Initially, these will only be available for those that join the Combat Wombat Army. What is the Combat Wombat Army? Go HERE for more about it.

That is all for this week. We will have some more content being released either weekly or bi-weekly.

Wombat Army Unite!