The Combat Wombat Army

The Combat Wombat Army is a way to grow the Combat Wombats community and become part of a growing video game company. Thanks to Patreon, we can continue to support older games, provide extra content, and stay close to our fans. Go HERE to join the Combat Wombat Army.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why would I pay to join the Combat Wombat Army?

A: As with every gaming company, you build your game, support it, and then move onto the next game so that the company can stay afloat and be profitable. However, as games age, many people fondly remember the good times and wish there was more content for older titles. All proceeds from joining the Combat Wombat Army go toward continued support for all our titles. Additionally, we can create more content for you, the fans.

Q: What is to stop you from just pocketing the money you earn?

A: Our revenue is generated from game sales and other sources. It is our pledge that all proceeds go to the continued development and content of our games long past their initial release date. Think of this as a non-profit fund built for our fans.

Q: What does the money go to specifically?

A: All proceeds go directly into adding content to our existing games and producing various swag/bonus content of Combat Wombat Studios and our games. This could include bonus art, game content, free expansions/DLC, deeper backstories, and other items to increase the depth of games. This could also include contests with prize money for fan art or other events.

Q: What does the money NOT go into?

A: These funds DO NOT go into bug fixes, or development for unreleased or upcoming games. However, those in the higher membership tiers will have access to unannounced game titles and may designate their membership funds to go towards features they specifically want to see in upcoming titles that are not in the current roadmap for said game.

Go HERE to join the Combat Wombat Army