Dev Blog 2/26/2021

Last week’s update went great. The game is starting to come together. With the new tournament update, it should bring it into the game sooner. We will also rebalance it so it unlocks with only the Training Ground, will and no longer require both the Training Ground and Arena to open.

On this next development sprint, it will be a smaller sprint but add a lot of needed content to the game. First, we are adding a way to defend against raids. Currently, the best offense is a good defense, and that means defensive buildings. If you are attacked, you are pretty much eating those lost resources. With the new update, you will be able to throw your troops in the way of the bandits and fight them off or die trying.

Next, we are adding a tutorial at the beginning of the game. What the hell do all the toggles and buttons do? What do I do at the beginning? What opens what? Now, trusted Advisor Aldo gives you a quick guide to get the game going with less fumbling. (You will be able to start the game with it turned off if you want as well.) Finally, we are expanding the Encyclopedia found in the top right of the town map next to the Main Menu.

The last thing we will tackle in this sprint is GAME BALANCE. The original stats of the game have been played with for a while now, and with many more hours of real game play, we have overhauled most of the research and building costs. Our focus was to get the early game going faster, and we rebalanced a lot of the building costs to make more sense with the pace of the game. We will see where we are with this and then do another iteration in about a month.

Thank you all for the support so far, and I hope everyone is having a blast. Reach out to us for any issues and to connect. We welcome the love.

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