March 19, 2021 Dev Blog

Welcome Wombat Army. This is the last devblog we are putting out before we leave Early Access. We spent the last couple weeks cleaning up some bugs, adding more content, adding some quality of life improvements, and adding another mechanic.

One of the biggest additions is if your relations with a kingdom suffer, there is a chance they will attempt to raid your kingdom. It is important to fight them off to maintain your sovereignty.

One of the ongoing things we are doing is updating the dialogue to make more sense. This will go beyond the official release but since development does not stop after the release, we are going to continue to iterate over it.

We spent a bunch of time cleaning up the trade panel, enlarging the UI, getting rid of some annoying aspects of trade. We also updated the tournament UI as well. BTR has had some updates.

We are also bringing the kingdom to life and we are adding SEASONS to your kingdom. We will continue to add town animations and flesh out the throne room over the next couple of months. Finally, we expanded the encyclopedia.

A lot is going on as we wrap up the final bits and squish as many bugs as are given to us from feedback from the community. Thank you all for your continued support of the game.