As an ousted prince you stumble upon empty land to build a kingdom from.
How you fare and what you do with your rising power is up to you.

Steam Reviews

"Conqueror 940 AD is a welcome relief in an age of early access games that fall flat, or over-promise and under deliver. Combat Wombat Studios has won this game player as a customer for whatever they develop in the future as long as they continue to deliver on what they promise - and that's just what they've done in Conqueror 940 AD!" -Casual Overload Gaming

"This game is strangely compelling. I have a civilization-like desire to play one more turn and get that next research completed." -joylyss

"I have been getting lost in the gameplay to the point that hours can pass and I have not noticed it." -NoxSolus

"...if the early indications are any sign of what’s to come, I say Conqueror 940 has a bright and fulfilling future." -Mature Minded Gamers

"I was super surprised with how much you can do in this game! 10/10" -Sir Simalot

"The game has a lot of potential and was a lot of fun." -nealvestal

"An easy game to get to grips with and a hard game to master which makes it really enjoyable to play." -Teebull

"...I highly recommend giving Conqueror 940 AD a look." -Inferno

"Strange how quickly the hours seemed to get sucked up by the game. Bought it in the evening and before I knew, next day 7 hours gone. It has that typical one more turn vibe which is so addictive ... Fully recommend if you are looking for a nice relaxing game! Very suitable for Home Office these days" -Ryuruben